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"A lot of people focus on India for lower costs. What is remarkable in India is the caliber of the computer engineers. The cost savings were an additional benefit on top of that" said Larry Ellison, Founder and CEO, Oracle in an interview. Microsoft and Oracle have their largest offshore software development centers in India.

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Time 8 Hours Day, 5 Days a Week- Monday to Saturday.
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If you are looking for a firm that undertakes offshore software development services and provides high quality professional support to customers through the whole development process, utilising cost-effective methods; you are at the right place. We, at TMSPL can tailor a custom-made solution to help you accomplish your business objectives.

What TMSPL offers you?

Being located in India, gives TMSPL the added advantage of being able to provide quality offshore software development services with expertise at significantly lower costs, when compared to the West.

TMSPL is equipped with:

A team of experts
Besides being well versed in commercial and application software development, the team is also equipped in developing customized, fully integrated systems in a variety of industrial standards.

Speed & flexibility
Our experienced development team and our access to the latest technologies empowers us to provide high quality customized software systems at the earliest. TMSPL's flexibility accommodates changes and additions during the course of work.

Advanced software development technology
The application of the most advanced software development tools and technologies available in the market, help us to keep pace with the ever-evolving trends in quality software development.

Commitment & Secrecy
The dedicated service of our software professionals is available 'all-round-the-clock'; to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. In addition, software containing sensitive intellectual property is handled with utmost secrecy.

Reliability & Quality
TMSPL delivers the highest quality software solutions by the use of onsite/offshore development centers, thereby protecting our clients from risk. Moreover, the excellent HR competence at the offshore outsourcing centers offer the quality that TMSPL promises.

Competitive Pricing
TMSPL is extremely competitive & comprehensive. TMSPL provides more value for money than in the West, which gives you more out of your software budget.

TMSPL, the true partner
TMSPL has to its credit, those attributes needed for quality offshore software development services. Partnership with TMSPL will make your company more competitive & successful. Join hands with TMSPL & step-in to success.

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