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License Software Solutions

We are promoting a large number of licensed software products from international and Indian Companies. We are authorized partners for Microsoft, Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro, IBM, Oracle, Adobe, Computer Associates, Kaseya, Progesoft, RedHat, Novell SUSE, IBM Websense and many other software products.

We are Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. We provide complete infrastructure solutions around Microsoft Windows servers and desktops. Our solutions include:

  • MS Windows Server with Active Directory implementation
  • Messaging solution with MS Exchange Server
  • Collaboration with MS SharePoint Portal Server
  • Project Management with MS Enterprise Project Management (EPM) and MS Project Standard
  • Security with ISA Server and Forefront for Exchange
  • IT Infrastructure management with System Centre
  • Business Applications from MS: Dynamics ERP and CRM
  • Windows Vista / XP desktops and MS Office suites

Apart from the above mentioned Microsoft solutions, we provide a large number of solutions from software majors, such as

  • Server Operating systems: Linux Redhat, SUSE, IBM AIX, HP UNIX, SCO UNIX
  • Desktop Operating Systems: Windows XP,VISTA, Windows 7, Redhat, UBNTU
  • Database: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, IBM DB2
  • Design / Graphics: Adobe (and Macromedia), Corel, MS Expression Studio
  • Security solutions: Symantec, Mcafee, Trend Micro, Quickheal, Sophos
  • Storage and Archival solutions: Symantec, IBM Tivoli, CA Arc Server
  • Mailing Solution: Exchange, Lotun Domino, Mdeoman, Kerio
  • UTM: Cyberoam, Sonicwall, Fortigate, Juniper
  • CAD: Progesoft, Autodesk

Apart from products we also provide services

  • IT-Help Desk with Asset Management Solution
  • Network and Server Management Solution
  • IT Consulting & Services
  • Software Licensing Consultancy
  • Security Solution and consultancy
  • Backup and Recovery Management
  • Storage Solution Management
  • IT Infrastructure Solution for Small-Medium-Enterprise
  • Turn Key IT solution
  • Scanning & imaging Solution

Trust us with your licensed software investments and we will provide you a safe and stable IT working environment with committed support

Kindly contact us for any of your software needs we will happy to serve you.

On Demand Security Solutions

Vulnerability Assessment

Focus of this service is to identify potential vulnerabilities residing on the corporate network. This service gives client complete risk exposure and countermeasure for securing their assets.

Internal Network Assessment

Focus of this service is to scan internal network by our professionals and identify loopholes in the internal assets. These assets can be attacked by internal staff and can be compromised. In this service we build consolidated report on all internal assets and their security.

Attack and Penetration testing

Focus of this service is to perform full blown penetration testing across both external and internal networks. In this service we identify vulnerabilities and exploit them as well. We try to determine till what far we can go with zero knowledge. The result of this testing can be eye opening for various corporate.

Component review

Focus of this service is to review various different components like Firewall, VPN devices, Wireless networks, Routers, Virus scanners, Patch management systems etc. If we identify any loopholes into these components then we report back to client. These components are very critical for overall security posture of the corporate.

Network Architecture review

Focus of this service is to study and review overall network architecture and try to identify loopholes and come up with possible threat model.

Application assessment and audit

This service encompasses thorough application assessment with zero knowledge. It starts with application foot-printing and ends with a list of vulnerabilities residing in your application layer. Our report will cover our methodologies, tools used, findings and remediation strategies. It helps in securing the application by following the remediation strategies. Follow up assessment to verify the security posture will also be done after the fixes are applied.

Application pen-testing

The objective is to determine vulnerability in the application layer and to follow up with exploits. This gives the actual threat level and information exposure in your application layer. Once again this service is also with zero knowledge.

Application code review

This service covers complete application code scanning from security point of view. The objective is to traverse through the entire application code base and to identify loopholes and possible security vulnerabilities. The report will contain findings along with the exact location of the issues for guidance to the developers. The development team can then take immediate action to rectify the issues. The code quality will be compared with secure coding best practices and the issues will be reported on this basis.

Application architecture review and threat modeling

In the early part of the development lifecycle of an application it is possible to do a thorough architecture review. It is ideal to build a threat model at the architecture stage and use it during the rest of the development cycle. Such a model can provide guidance on various security controls that need to be addressed by developers to secure the application.

Application deployment assessment

Application deployment environment contains web servers, application servers, databases, middleware etc. This service encompasses analysis of the deployment environment and suggests various different configurations to protect the application infrastructure.

Hardware Solutions

We are promoting large numbers of hardware products from various compines. We are partner for IBM, Dell, Toshiba, LG, Microsoft Etc. We qualified & certified experts for the various products. We deal in following companies products.

  • Servers : IBM, Dell, HP
  • Desktops : Lenovo, Dell, HP,
  • Laptop : Toshiba, Dell, HP, Compaq
  • Printers : Cannon, Zerox, HP
  • Network Equipments : Cisco, Dlink, Compex
  • Imaging Devices : HP, Canon, Zerox

Apart from this we also have expertise in designing & Deploying of WAN & LAN Solution using Poing to Point connectivity & also through RF

We also provide Facility Managment Servevices & also Taking Annual Maintanince Contracts for On site & on Call basis.

Open Source Solutions

The promise of Open Source is better quality higher realibility, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in. The Open Source intiative(OSI) is non profit corporation formed to educate about and advocate for the benefits of Open source. Open source softwares are mostly but not necessarily free but they are certainly less expensive to procure, implement, maintain and most important they give flexibility and freedom. Industries and business houses across the globe have already begun riding the OSS bandwagon, We welcome you to join.....

Open Source Solution Lab (OSSLab) at Tm Systems help business select, procure, implement, customize and maintain Open source solutions. OSSLab completely tests the Open source solutions before implementing it in any prouction enverionment. OSS Lab has some of best engineers who are constantly searching for economical and reliable software solutions for day to day Business Requirement.

At OSSLab we offer following major solutions.

  • Desktop OS
  • Server OS
  • Office Software
  • Mailing Solutions
  • File and Print Servers
  • Authentication Servers
  • Proxy and Bandwidth Management
  • Content Filtering and Firewall
  • HR Solutions
  • Collaboration Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Document Management

Apart from these solutions we also offer on demand customise solution as per the need of yours. Kindly contact us for the same.

HR Services

In business practices, the term "Human Resources" refers primarily to workforce management. Human Resources specialists deal with such issues as hiring, evaluations, training & development, employee motivation and leave management, as well as payroll and time and attendance services.

It has been proven and accepted by most of the business owners that the success of any company depends on the skill, ability and reliability of its workforce. In other words, if the employees aren't being managed efficiently, then the quality of work is likely to deteriorate. That is why having a HR department is so vital to the long-term viability of an organization. From employee relations to benefits administration and evaluation to grievance resolution and personnel issues, the job of a HR specialist is to keep the workforce running smoothly.

At TRAC HR Services, we value the importance of human resources. We also understand that every business does not have the financial capability to maintain an entire HR department. That's why we at TRAC HR Services are dedicated to providing timely, reliable and accurate human resource expertise to anyone who needs it. Our comprehensive list of Human Resource services, from professional outsourcing to web-based management solutions, will allow you to run your business efficiently and cost-effectively.
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