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What is a Smart Card?

A smart card is a rectangular piece of plastic, very much like a credit card. But what makes it "smart" is the microchip embedded on it which is "programmed" to perform specific functions for the card issuer.

The smart card can store much larger volumes of data than other comparable media like the magnetic stripe card. The latter can store around 200 bytes only while the latest smart cards can store upto 16000 bytes, in separate logical files for different uses & applications. Besides the physical size of storage, the smart card enables exceptionally long life of stored data and the card itself can be read/written more than a 100,000 times

It is believed that smart cards offer more security and confidentiality than the other kinds of information or transaction storage. Moreover, applications applied with smart card technologies are illustrated which demonstrate smart card is one of the best solutions to provide and enhance their system with security and integrity.

Types of Applications using Smart Cards

1. Bank e-purse
2. Smart Identity Cards with Acess Control
3. Educational Campus Cards
4. Loyalty Smart Cards.

Smart cards are taking our world by storm. Everywhere you go, you encounter Smart Cards: From Banks, Credit Cards, Super Market Chains, Identity Cards to Airline Frequent Flyers etc. Smart cards are standard Plastic cards with a computer chip embedded on it. There are many standards for such cards, from standard memory cards, to MicroProcessor based cards, Crypto Cards , Java Cards etc. All Bank Credit cards need to change to Smart Cards by March 2008 (EMV Migration).
Success Stories:

A. KCC Smart Card Solution

The Rajkot District Co-operative Bank Ltd., Rajkot, India.

This application uses 16 K Microprocessor cards with 3DES encryption technology.


On application, Bank issues such card to the member with standard credit assigned to it. The member can withdraw/deposit cash from any branch of the bank using his card. All such branches are not interlinked. All record are kept on the card along with member’s other details. All generated records at branches are periodically collected at HO and consolidated and reconciled. Member’s Photo and Signature are also stored in the card along with capacity to handle 500 transactions.


Standard three level security has been implemented with 32 bit keys. It is almost unbreakable. A super computer will take two years to break a card..

Additional Security can be built using Biometrics. A standard biometric reader can be provided to all branches. The biometric fingerprint can be stored within the card to provide complete security while making payments.
This Application has been running successfully at The Rajkot District Co-operative Bank Ltd.,

Software and Hardware Requirements

The solution works on Windows Platform and requires Windows 98 SE or Higher. The application software is developed and supplied by TM Systems. A standard Smart Card Reader/Writer is required to be attached to the Windows Computer (Serial or USB Interface).

B. CEPT Univerisity

Smart Student ID Card., Ahmedabad, INDIA.

A smart card with Microprocessor and 16KB RAM is being in many novel ways in CEPT University. Some of them are as follows:

  • Identity Card:
    It will provides a plastic based, protected and idiot proof Student Identity Card. It has a standard string to hang around the neck and a plastic cover. The card has printed details about Student, Address, Semester, Blood Group, other details and Photograph and also Bar Code. It provides a distinct identity to students.
  • Students’ Record: (basic Information + Fees Information)
    The Card stores all the records of the student from the first semester onwards. All admission records, fees paid/unpaid etc. It is possible for the student to view all these information on a special terminal provided with the smart card reader.
  • E-Purse facility at Canteen / Xerox/stationery mart / Cyber Cafe etc.
    It is possible to store Credit Amount by way of paying in advance in central office or at individual centers. Then the amount will get deducted as and when the student uses any of the above facility. This eases out carrying small amount of cash and also for the individual seller; it is easy to manage accounts.
  • Library :
    All the books issues are recorded in the Smart Card, including details of late fees etc. Students can also view what books are lying with them using the card.
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