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With a 25+ years history of delivering the full spectrum of IT solutions (including hardware, software & e-business services) to companies both large and small, all over India and overseas, TM Systems has the experience, the reach, the breadth of products / services and skilled manpower to rapidly, efficiently, and affordably deliver IT solutions, your business needs. Our experience taught us the value of QTC- Quality, Time and Commitment.

The company was formed in 1985 with the objective of providing IT solutions to selected market segment & has the distinction of catering to more than 250 organizations in software development alone. Today, TM Systems is dedicated to providing cost effective and innovative software development solutions for the banking, educational and corporate clients. We have started spreading wings in 2008 and now we have our global presence.

We take a consultative role, advising and supporting clients through discovery, creation, development, implementation, and management of your project requirements. We believe in developing a long term marketing/Internet strategy & relationship with clients and working to achieve established goals. By combining your expertise with ours, the potential results are limitless.

Core expertise

  • .net Development
  • Powerbuilder development
  • Database Administration (Oracle/MS SQL)
  • PHP development
  • Smart card solutions
  • Core banking solution
  • ERP software
  • Portal Development
  • Security Scanning

Technical competencies

  • Microsoft Tech. (Asp.net,Sharepoint)
  • Powerbuilder
  • Java
  • PHP Development
  • Application and websever(Microsoft, IIS etc)
  • Open source (PHP,Alfresco)
  • Smartcard solution


  • 20+ years of Experience
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified
  • Microsoft Certified Gold Partner
  • More then 75 professionals
  • Successfully implemented projects in North America
  • Installation of Banking software in more then 500 branches
  • 60% of market share in co-operative banks in Gujarat and Rajasthan


  • Acquire ISO 9001:2000 Certificate to provide quality product
  • When we think of the term “Quality Assurance”, all activities like design, development, production, installation, servicing and documentation are related with it.
  • One of the most widely used paradigms for Quality Assurance management is the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) approach.
  • Quality control involves series of inspection, reviews and tests used throughout the software process to ensure each work product meets the requirements placed upon it
  • The goal of Quality Assurance is to provide management with the data necessary to be informed about product quality, thereby gaining insight and confidence that product Quality is meeting its goals.

Quality Assurance Process

  • Conduct a meeting with analyst team, design team and study the requirements of the system
  • Analyze the system behavior and plan accordingly
  • Prepare test case
  • Select test data relative to the system
  • Execute test cases with the help of the selected test data
  • Perform GUI and designing testing
  • Post the bugs in our bug tracking system called Bugtracker
  • Designing bugs are posted with the appropriate screen shots
  • Verify the actual result against expected results
  • Analysis result generated
  • Save the result in form of pass or fail
  • Reports are finally analyzed by senior team
  • Beta version delivered to client for review

Quality Assurance Approaches

TM Systems follows below approaches based on the project requirement. But above all we work on more practical approach for Quality Assurance of an application. Our team follows two different approaches for application testing.

Basic Approach

  • Unit Testing
  • focuses verification effort on the smallest unit of software
  • Integration Testing
  • uncovers errors associated with interface
  • Validation Testing
  • Software requirement analysis are validated against the software that has been constructed
  • System Testing
  • Checking of whole system and its component as one
  • White box Testing: White box testing guarantees
  • All independent paths within a module have been excised at least once.
  • Exercises all logical decision on their true and false sides
  • Executes all loops at their boundaries and operational boundaries
  • Black box Testing: attempts to find errors in following categories
  • Interface errors
  • Errors in external database access
  • Incorrect or missing function
  • Regression Testing
  • Checking whether previously working functionalities have not stopped working due to some other changes
  • Browser compatibility
  • Check system in each browser like IE6, IE7, Fire fox, Safari, Opera and Chrome Specialized Testing Approach
  • Security Testing
  • Verifies that protection mechanism built into the system will, in fact, protect it from improper behavior like code hijack, SQL injection, Code Injection, XSS testing, Spam prevention etc.
  • Performance Testing
  • Verifies system will work on different platform, environment
  • Stress Testing
  • Verifies system will not crash under peak load

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