Sunflower Institute Management

  • E-Governance

    System helps in e-governance Initiatives with the right of information.

  • Cost Benefit

    Installation and updates occur in one location and overall maintenance cost will decrease as compared to individual institutional software. Paperless environment to save cost In Stationary, postage and time.

  • Reduced Paperwork and Redundancy

    Proper Integration of all Department and a ll1ty lo search across the entire Institute/university removes redundancy of Information.

  • A powerful Reportlng Package

    The applications will provide detailed and summary repots for all aspects of institutional management, staff and Student interfaces.

  • Custom Tailored

    This Modular system creates a solution that first the needs of any institute. Customization of the software will be available for any institutional request.

  • Analysis Tools

    For examining student and staff performance, providing the tools to provide quality education.

  • Security

    Rightful data can be accessible only to authorized person.

  • Global Data Access and Validation

    Web-based system provides the same access through Internet ; it also provides the facility to verify the students record online

Extended Examination

Exam Maintenance

Time Table

Student Registration

Block Assignment

Barcode Generation

Result Generation

Result Delivery


Remedial Process

Marksheet / Transcript

Mobile Application for Students/Parents

Time Table





Software Outsourcing India

Entire System Is browser base and will work on 3-tier Architecture.

IP Based Access rights will be given in intranet.

User Wise Right allocation.

Data entry will be done at departmental level only.

Duplicate Data entry will be removed.

All the Reports can be generated at department level and At Institute level also.

Report can be exported to PDF and MS Excel.

Basic Modules

Institute Management System

Student Information System

Accounting System

Student Fees Management

Faculty Management

Attendance Tracking system

Central Purchase , Central Store, Institute Store, Distribution system , Student Store

Library management

Hostel management

Staff Management table generation

Transportation System

Auto Email/ SMS facility

Parents & Student Access for progress Reports


Audit Facility

Extended Examination

Mobile Application for Students/Parents